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Experience the enchanting blend of Orchid, Iris, and Lilac in our captivating candle. Bring the essence of a blooming garden into your space with this luxurious floral aroma. Elevate your surroundings with the sweet and soothing fragrance of Orchid, Iris, and Lilac.

Notes: Lilac / Violet Leaf / Iris

Net Weight 7FL OZ / 207ML

Burn Time 35-45 hrs

Each candle is hand poured in CA and made with :

- Soy Candle

- High quality fragrance + essential oils


-Prop 65 Ingredients Free



-Parabens -free


Wooden wick care

-First Burn your candle to reach a full melt pool (melted wax touching or close to the edge of the container) this may take 2-3 hours, otherwise this may result in future burn issues (like candle tunneling)

-Trim the wick before relighting your candle the wood wick should be trimmed to 1/4 - 1/8" - simply pinch off the loose black bits from the top of the wick with your fingers before lighting, or use a wick trimmer.

Orchid Midnight / Crackling Wood Wick

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